Opening of the Regimental Museum

Entrance SignMuseum of the Manx Regiment - The Nissen HutThe opening of the extension to the Manx Aviation and Military Museum & transfer of Manx Regimental Association Museum took place on Saturday 7th May 2005 in sunny but windy conditions at 11:00am.

The celebration was two-fold in that the event also marked the transfer of the display materials from the Manx Regimental Museum in Tromode to add to the existing displays in our Museum at Ronaldsway.


TornadoLt. Colonel Mylchreest (former Commanding Officer of the Regiment) opened the new exhibition hall in the presence of his Excellency The Lt. Governor, Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen, and invited guests. There was also a prayer of remembrance by Rev. Stephen Caddy. Members of the public were allowed entry from 12:30pm. By coincidence a Tornado of the RAF was parked next to the museum for the weekend whilst its Manx pilot visited his parents.

Bofors and Ferret Scout CarThe date was been selected to coincide with the 60th anniversary commemorations of V.E. Day over that week-end.

The Trustees and members of MAPS are honoured to have been given the opportunity to carry forward the "torch" on behalf of the Manx Regimental Association, to tell the Regiment's story to current and future generations.